When we started to design the SinuLab software solutions we gathered the main practices and needs Managers use in their daily work.

That is the reason Sinulab was born – to make the job of Managers as easy it can be in regards of people and development.

    • Tools are practical and designed to be easy to use
    • Built-in processes don’t require additional settings in the system
    • Data transfer is either manually or mass upload (csv)
    • Tools and features are integrated into modules
    • All the Tools are available as one packet or combined with other Tools



  • Vision, mission, values
  • Strategic Goals
  • Structural target setting
  • Action plans for Employees
  • Team based Targets
  • Employee/Manager on-boarding plans
  • Goal and Results monitoring
  • Analytics
  • Project based plans


  • Employee Appraisals
  • Skill mapping
  • Behavior /attitude assessment
  • Personal Development plans
  • Training & development plan
  • Development budgeting
  • Internal training admin
  • E-learning


  • Talent mapping
  • Potentials assessment
  • Succession planning
  • Career support and management
  • Individual development support
  • Coaching Tracking


  • Business project planning
  • Risk assessment
  • Scorecard generator
  • Meeting and task management
  • Process design tool
  • Company assets to Employee
  • Time and activity screening


  • Competence profiles
  • Competence samples
  • Competence assessment
  • Assessment calibration
  • Development Gap
  • Team assessment comparison
  • 360 or 270 assessments


  • User administration
  • Structure & units
  • Assigning roles
  • Register of positions
  • Employee self-service
  • Electronical applications
  • Application approvals
  • Main User application
  • Data transfer


  • Workforce planning
  • Employee cost budgeting
  • Salary reviews
  • Internal electronic Helpdesk
  • Employee Handbook generation
  • HR statistics


  • Employee register
  • Employee data
  • Labor Contracts+amendments
  • Annual vacation plan
  • Vacation applications/approvals
  • Time reporting
  • Work schedules
  • Vacation Pay calculation
  • Salary calculation
  • Labor tax calculation
  • Additional Pay calc

Software for the whole Company

Employee and Manager Self-service


The Software is usually selected for a longer period to be used. Therefor it is extremely important that it meets all the expectations of the Company. Send your questions and we will contact you in order to clarify your needs and opportunities. Demo + 1-hour consultation is free for first-time clients.