It is very common that in small and medium-size companies the Manager is taking the main load of People administration and development.

So that all the SME Managers would be able to support their people and simultaneously have enough time to grow the business as well, we have designed the services that allow accomplishing both.

  • Employee data and Labor documents arrangements and systematization

  • People Management processes diagnostics and improvement

  • Operative support and consultations for Managers regarding all People related issues


Peame arvestust töötajate ja nende andmete üle, süstematiseerimime ja ühtlustame töösuhtealased dokumendid vastavalt seadusele ja ettevõtte tegevusvajadusest sõltuvalt

Aitame kujundada ja juurutada ettevõttele strateegiliselt vajalikud sisemised protsessid, mis lihtsustavad juhi tööd töötaja arendamisel ja tulemuste eesmärgipärasel juhtimisel.

Toetame jooksvalt ettevõtte kõiki vajalikke sisemisi inimeste juhtimisega seotud toiminguid, aitame administreerida tegevusi, juhime protsesse ja koostame aruandlust.

Toetame juhte jooksvates teemades:

  • töösuhted
  • töötajate arendamine
  • tulemusjuhtimine
  • tarkvara kasutamine töövahendina


FULL SERVICE, Employee data

… includes all HR basic services and software. Select suitable services below:

  • Employee data and register, employment documentation handling
  • Vacation & absence administration
  • Work-time reporting
  • Recruitment support
  • One-on-one discussions process owner
  • Employee training and development support, administration
  • Other …

Minimum package must contain at least 4 listed services. Monthly service Fee from 450 .


… 1-3 services with software access. Suitable for small companies as services are not needed regularly.

Invoiced based on working hours per month. Hourly rate 40 €


… Employee documents and data administration with software access. Invoiced based on working hours per month. Hourly rate 40 €

Invoiced based on working hours per month. Hourly rate 40 €


… one-time services with software access. Example: competence mapping & assessment, internal training organizing.


Prior to the start of services we:

  • Thorough audit of the current situation to identify the activities and their influence up to today (audit areas: People Policy, Employee data, application forms, processes)
  • Systemization of Labor documents
  • Assuring and inserting data and its quality in the database
  • Conducting software user training for all Employees and Managers
  • Ensure the support for software use


In a case of Service, will there be additional costs for software?

No, additional costs are not applicable.

To whom this service would be most suitable?

We recommend service in case the Company is interested combining the software and other support services (substantive or administrative). The difference is that the Main User is not with the Company but with the Service Provider.

What is the main benefit combining software and support services?

Basically, it is a form of outsourcing People Management area with the benefit of contemporary software. The Company and especially the Managers have a professional partner to take care of all the People related administrative or development issues, also helping to design and implement processes, documentation and operational excellence.

Is it expensive?

It will be less expensive compared to the time and cost your Managers would spend on the subject.

Contact us and let’s design the best Service for your company!


The Software is usually selected for a longer period to be used. Therefor it is extremely important that it meets all the expectations of the Company. Send your questions and we will contact you in order to clarify your needs and opportunities. Demo + 1-hour consultation is free for first-time clients.