Recruiting has never been so easy!

Design your own recruitment process.

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The recruitment solution allows:

  • Initiate and plan recruitment projects
  • Plan recruitment from start to end and compile meaningful job postings
  • Create a suitable recruitment process with different stages
  • Inform Employees of vacancies on an internal Job board
  • Make it easy for both internal and external candidates to apply
  • Easily manage candidates at all stages of recruitment
  • Involve team members in recruitment, add Recruiters or Managers
  • Plan video- & interviews, send notifications, make notes about conversations
  • Compare and evaluate candidates
  • Create a really strong Talent Pool with keywords
  • Track recruitment statistics and key performance indicators from Dashboard
  • Share job postings on your website via iframe

30 day trial period for free

Annual fee 269 € (up to 50 recruitment)

There are three ways to get started:

  • If you are already a SinuLab Client, the recruitment module is ready for you to use. Send us your request, please
  • Create an account in minutes and start using recruitment software in the cloud
  • Become a SinuLab client and manage the entire people management processes, including recruiting, in one system.

NB! If you represent a Company not registered in Estonian Commercial register, please fill in the form and send your request directly to us.


SinuLab RECRUIT Terms of Use:

  • Every Legal Entity can only have one Company account (data checked through the Commercial Register)
  • When creating an account, the User confirms that he/she has the Authority to create an account on behalf of the Company
  • SinuLab recruitment software may only be used for recruitment purposes
  • We recommend that you only use the official email addresses of your business when adding users
  • The free trial period of the software is 30 days, then the account is deactivated if not requested to continue
  • Deactivated account data is stored in the database for up to 360 days
  • To use the Software after the Trial period, the Legal Entity must pay an annual license Fee of 2699 €
  • The owner of the recruitment software has the right to change the annual license fee rates

Talent design begins with recruitment!

Make your recruitment operational, convenient and exciting for yourself and your future team members!


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