SinuLab.ee is cloud software for small and medium size Companies to administrate and develop people & performance.

Performance and Productivity is designed, developed &Ā improved through:

  • optimizing processes Ā ā‡’ simplify administrative tasks with software
  • delivering quality Leadership ā‡’Ā continuity with people motivation, development & strateguc competencies development
  • engageing EmployeesĀ ā‡’ structured feedback from Mangers to Employees and back
  • systemic goal settingĀ ā‡’ strategic approach and goal setting in all levels (Company, Unit, Personal)

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HR administration module helps you administrate all people data, structure, positions, contracts and amendments.

HR data features:

  • Main User Ā ā‡’ special role for administrator inserting, cgangeing & approving people data. Main User is usually the person responsible for HR field, Office Assistant or Book-keeper.
  • Users managementĀ  allows quickly and easily add new Users & Employees manually or mass upload from file. Every Employee has personal account and safe access to the Portal.
  • StructureĀ ā‡’ easily add Units to structure, determine sub and upper units, add Employees to Units
  • Position registerĀ ā‡’ list all positions, defined by work family, field and level
  • Contract conditionsĀ ā‡’ Employee data is summaryzed on a personal page and contains Contract details, history and unfinished tasks

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This featureĀ supports the communication of the Company vision, mission, values and strategic goals to all Employees. The tool is designed to help set periodic goals and result measures and to cascade goals through the organization or team.

Strategy & targeting functions & features:

  • Vision, Mission, ValuesĀ ā‡’ inserted to the Portal and visible to all Employees when logged in
  • Strategic GoalsĀ ā‡’ enables to present Company strategic goals and become visible to Employees
  • GoalsĀ ā‡’ allows Managers to set and delegate structured Goals adding responsible person, deadline, and theĀ result KPIs
  • Monitoring resultsĀ ā‡’ enables overall view of goal statuses and theĀ resultsĀ improvement
  • Working with GoalsĀ ā‡’ Employees and Managers are able to maintain operative changes in the Portal, update statuses and insert data

Please contact for DEMO, not available online.


Employee Appraisal Tool helps easily administrate the whole process to be operative and handy.

No longer sending Forms by email – Employees and Managers fill and manage all documents in the system.

Employee Appraisals functions and features:

  • Appraisal processĀ ā‡’ is started and maintained by Main User
  • NotificationsĀ ā‡’ are sent to email to inform next step responsible
  • ForwardingĀ ā‡’ no more sending forms by email – everything is forwarded safely in the system
  • Appraisal FormĀ ā‡’ is simple yet focused on results, additional settings are not needed
  • OverviewĀ ā‡’ Main User and Managers have up to date overview of Appraisal statuses
  • ConsistencyĀ ā‡’ Appraisal document contain always previous period information for analyzing &Ā next period goals for targeting

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Vacation Tool helps to compose vacation plan for theĀ whole Company with visual table and automatic calculations. From now on it is easy to change vacation online and see operative info.

Vacation application features:

  • Vacation Plan & Schedule ā‡’ planning all type of vacations, calculating available and used days
  • Vacation applicationsĀ ā‡’ Employee, Manager & Main User can easily fill and forward vacation applications. Managers the approve or decline the Application by one click only
  • Appointing ReplacementĀ ā‡’ set the Replacement in the Application
  • RemindersĀ ā‡’ Employee receives a reminder by email 1 week before vacation start date
  • OverviewĀ ā‡’ vacation schedule is visible for Managers and Main Users all time, changes are made easily and vacation data is dowloaded quickly for book-keeper

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Time-reporting Tool is necessary to gather data of working hours and absence. All approved vacations are added automatically. Employees and Managers fill &Ā approve reports online.

Time-reporting tool features:

  • Working hours reportingĀ ā‡’ Employees insert working hours data weekly or monthly, Manager reviews and approves
  • Absence infoĀ ā‡’ inserting over hours, illness, training or business traveling info operatively into the Portal
  • ApprovalsĀ ā‡’ Managers reviews and approves all reports before the salary calculation input
  • StatisticsĀ ā‡’ online statistics of work time use and availability
  • Input for Salary calculationĀ ā‡’ vacation and time-reporting features allow high quality input for salary calculation

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Salary & time-reporting moduleĀ 

Competency assessement & development moduleĀ 


The Software is usually selected for aĀ longer period to be used. Therefore it is extremely important that it meets all the expectations of the Company. Send your questions and we will contact you in order to clarify your needs and opportunities. Demo + 1-hour consultation is free for first-time clients.

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