It is quite common that in small and medium-sized companies it is the Manager who deals with the Employee data and administration as well as Employee development.

In order for Managers to have time to support and guide their people and at the same time effectively deal with business growth, we have created and designed handy services and combined them with contemporary software.

  • Employee data and Labor documents arrangements and systematization

  • People Management processes diagnostics and improvement

  • Operative support and consultations for Managers regarding all People related issues

We keep records of employees and their data, systematize and harmonize employment documents in accordance with the law and depending on the company’s operational needs

We help design and implement strategically necessary internal processes for the company, which simplify the manager’s work in employee development and goal-oriented management of results.

We provide ongoing support for all necessary internal people management activities of the company, help administer activities, manage processes and prepare reporting.

We support managers in relevant topics:

  • labor relations
  • employee development
  • performance management
  • using software as a tool


… includes core HR services with software usage. The full HR service is provided by a specific person who, if necessary, also visits your office at the agreed time and volume. Generally, the work is done using digital tools and telecommunication channels. In the case of full service, it is a so-called outsourced HR specialist or HR manager who is responsible for the agreed field.

NB! The cost of the service depends on the number of employees and the agreed volume of work.

Choose the appropriate services from the following:

  • Formalization and management of employee register and employment relationship documents
  • Arrangement of holidays
  • Working time reporting
  • Recruiting Support
  • Administration of development conversations
  • Organization of training activities, management of training data
  • Organization of e-learning
  • Other ​​…


  • 10-90 employees in total
  • Services 5
  • Software solution for managing services
  • Monthly fee 1550 €
  • Includes 25 hours of work per month

It is possible to add needed services and increase the amount of work hours The exceeding part the monthly agreed volume of work is billed as additional work at €55/h.

… 1-3 services according to the choice, with the use of the software. Most suitable for a small business where services are not needed in a consistent amount every month.

It is billed on a monthly basis according to the time of the work performed.

Hourly fee 55 €.

… service for administration and management of Employee data and Employment relationship documents with the use of software. Monthly Fee according to the agreed volume or according to the hours performed € 55 per hour.

The self-service package includes the software solution with selected modules. For example, the personnel data, the administration of vacations, or the reporting of economic expenses (dispatches, expense reports, travel log, etc.) are suitable for starting.

In a self-service solution, the company manages the entire process and the use of the software itself, i.e. both managers and employees can use it. Use as self-service requires a main user from the company.

Implementing Self-service package includes:

  • Instruction and support for Key User
  • initial data upload and system setup
  • Manager training (on demand)
  • Employee training (on demand)
  • User instructions and manuals

Implementation period is usually few weeks (including data upload) and cost is between 450 to 1000 €.

… includes the agreed time-bound activities with the use of the software.

For example:

  • mapping of competencies
  • assessment of competences
  • organization of internal trainings
  • personnel studies
  • development of e-courses
  • digitalization of manager-employee conversations
  • Employee Experience audit
  • Other …

Projects can also be larger development activities, for example:

  • Employee Experience design
  • Designing of Performance Management
  • Change Management, etc

The fee is agreed upon according to the volume of work 80 € per hour.

The talent management service mainly includes activities related to employee development and increasing performance:

  • creating a talent acquisition and retention strategy
  • development of talent management practices
  • assessment of employee potential
  • personal approach and agreements with talents
  • creation of competence profiles, mapping and evaluation of competences
  • coordination of development  and 1on1 discussions
  • conducting coaching and mentoring programs
  • career counseling, career planning and management
  • coordinating or organizing internal trainings
  • organization of training and development activities
  • management and systematization of training data
  • preparation of e-learning programs and e-materials
  • conducting attestations
  • internal surveys
  • creation and management of succession programs incl. management succession, key persons retention, internship programs
  • advising and supporting managers in participating and implementing the daily activities of talent management

There are many and different talent management practices – all of them will be combined according to your company’s needs and a suitable approach is designed. All our services are supported by a modern and employee-oriented software solution, which ensures fast information exchange and an operational overview of the current situation.

The development conversation/appraisals starter package is the best solution if you want to start conversations between the Manager and the Employee in the Company. We help build and implement the entire solution and process + provide software.

The starter package is also good for those who want to update or digitize the existing development appraisal system. The package includes both consultation and implementation of the new approach.

Contact us for more information

The virtual HR specialist service includes a monthly service in the agreed activities and volume, as well as a software solution that gives the company’s Managers and Employees the opportunity to access data on an ongoing basis.

A virtual HR specialist does not visit your office locally, but supports activities online. The basis of the virtual HR specialist service is the customer’s order for each occasion.

Congratulations! You have decided to realize your business idea. You are now the Founder of the company and also the Employer.

Even a start-up company has to start taking care of the well-being of its team members from the first day, because the struggle for the competences necessary for business is very critical in the market. In addition to startup enthusiasm, people need reliable relationships, meaningful leadership and modern solutions to support the realization of their potential.

The start-up HR package will help you get started and manage everything according to the law:

  1. All contract forms, documents and registers related to Labor relations
  2. Design a suitable recruitment process and strategy for your Company
  3. Quickly and smoothly integrate new team members (Onboarding)
  4. Organizing vacations, work time organization and other administrative activities
  5. Development of motivation and teamwork activities and strategies

We will design everything for you so you can easily start implement the processes and tools. We listen to your expectations and see your vision & support you all the way to growth.

Please contact for further information and quotation.


Prior to the start of services we:

  • Thorough audit of the current situation to identify the activities and their influence up to today (audit areas: People Policy, Employee data, application forms, processes)
  • Systemization of Labor documents
  • Assuring and inserting data and its quality in the database
  • Conducting software user training for all Employees and Managers
  • Ensure the support for software use


In a case of Service, will there be additional costs for software?

No, additional costs are not applicable.

To whom this service would be most suitable?

We recommend service in case the Company is interested combining the software and other support services (substantive or administrative). The difference is that the Main User is not with the Company but with the Service Provider.

What is the main benefit combining software and support services?

Basically, it is a form of outsourcing People Management area with the benefit of contemporary software. The Company and especially the Managers have a professional partner to take care of all the People related administrative or development issues, also helping to design and implement processes, documentation and operational excellence.

Is it expensive?

It will be less expensive compared to the time and cost your Managers would spend on the subject.

Contact us and let’s design the best Service for your company!


The Software is usually selected for a longer period to be used. Therefore it is extremely important that it meets all the expectations of the Company. Send your questions and we will contact you in order to clarify your needs and opportunities. Demo + 1-hour consultation is free for first-time clients.

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