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What is Talent Management?

What is Talent Management?

The talent management process generally covers the entire journey of an employee in the organization, from recruitment to the departure of the talent.

Talent management can be considered as a very broad and diverse process that creates connections with all different areas of HR.

But it can also be considered more narrowly, for example in smaller companies, where talent management is primarily aimed at future growth and ensuring the necessary competences.

Self-Management has become one of the most important components of Talent Management, which, in addition to personal motivation and supportive environment by the Organization, is one of the most critical competencies of today.

  • Talent Management STRATEGY

  • Talent Management operations – processes and practices

  • Agreements, activities and individual solutions for Talents

  • Talent Management systems

Talent path and key steps

Talent path and key steps

  • Onboarding

  • Goals, metrics

  • Potential

  • Development activities

  • Self-management

Modules & Features

Select necessary modules and design the suitable Talent Management portal for your Company.

NB! Modules can be added or removed based on your needs..

Talent Management version modules:
  • User management
  • Structure, Units, Managers
  • Self-management
  • Groups & Teams
  • Wellness
  • Performance Management
  • Manager-Employee Feedback
  • Training & development
  • Competencies
  • E-Learning
  • Coaching & Onboarding
  • Surveys
  • Recruitment

MODULE: Training & Development

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MODULE: Employee appraisals

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MODULE: Competencies

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MODULE: Performance Management

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MODULE: E-learning

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MODULE: Coaching & Onboarding

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MODULE: Self-management

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MODULE: Groups & Projects

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MODULE: Surveys

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As an additional option, 2 modules can be added: RECRUITMENT and WELLNESS.

The Recruitment module primarily supports successful communication in the internal movement of high-potential Employees, as well as effective cooperation between the Manager and the Recruiter throughout the entire recruitment process. In addition, the recruitment module has an interface with job advertisement portals, and job advertisements can be conveniently shared on social media.

The Wellness module directs Talents and Managers to think more about the topics of well-being, health behavior and work-life balance. A safe and secure working environment is also important and a necessary part of our working life.

How Talent Management supports achieving key results?

Talent Management is a strategic field, and the aim of which is to find the right people, match them to work that they like and are suitable for, consistently support their development and guide performance.

TALENT = right person + fitting job + excellent results

  • Who is Talent in our organization?

  • How do we identify High Potential Employees?

  • What is the Talent Pathway in our organization?

  • How is Talent Management communicated in your Company?

  • How do we measure the success of Talent Management systems and practices?

  • Are Managers on board to support talents – identify, develop and retain them?

How and where to start?

9 steps to design Talent Management

9 steps to design Talent Management


Create a Talent Management strategy, create an TM Action plan, prepare a Workforce plan and involve the Management Team


Take care of your Employer’s Brand – create an environment where people want to come to work, and share it


Create a Recruiting process that cares about the Candidate Experience and reflects the Organization’s Values


Define who is the Talent in the Organization and how the potential assessment is done


Create an environment for development, feedback and challenges


Build a transparent Performance Management and Compensation system


Emphasize  Leadership development and a Talent-centric culture in the organization, rise the level of your Managers


Create opportunities for development activities and support implementation of Employee potential, approach Talents personally


Consistently deal with succession of critical competencies, secure Succession of Managers, update Career Systems in the Organization

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