When we started to design the SinuLab software solutions we gathered the main practices and needs Managers use in their daily work.
hat is the reason Sinulab was born – to make the job of Managers as easy it can be in regards of people and development.
  • Tools are practical and designed to be easy to use
  • Built-in processes don’t require additional settings in the system
  • Data transfer is either manually or mass upload (csv)
  • Tools and features are integrated into modules
  • All the Tools are available as one packet or combined with other Tools



  • Vision, mission, values
  • Strategic Goals
  • Structural target setting
  • Action plans for Employees
  • Team based Targets
  • Employee/Manager on-boarding plans
  • Goal and Results monitoring
  • Analytics
  • Project based plans


  • Administration of manager-employee conversations
  • Automatic e-mail notifications
  • Setting personal & professional goals
  • Personal development needs
  • Assessment of behaviour/attitudes
  • Feedback on reaching goals
  • Follow-up notes


  • Employee register
  • Employee data management
  • Management and amendments to Employment Contracts
  • Vacation schedule
  • Leave requests and updates
  • Approval of vacations by the Manager
  • Calculation of annual vacation balance
  • Vacation reserve report for export
  • Working time reporting
  • Manager and Employee confirmations
  • Working time general report for export


  • Selecting a target group
  • Creating forms for the homepage
  • Results graphic report by question
  • General data report
  • Assigning roles and viewing rights
  • Data on respondents
  • Different filters to sort the results
  • Pulse studies
  • Employee referral index
  • 5 different answer options


  • Initiation of guidance and Coaching projects
  • Project start and change notifications to e-mail
  • Confirmations of instructors and participants
  • Adding coaching sessions
  • Automatic notifications and invitations to participants
  • Participant notes
  • Onboarding projects, adding multiple supervisors
  • The module can be used independently
  • Self-service of initiator, supervisor and participant


  • Annual Plan of training and development activities
  • Importing data from development conversations
  • Budgeting of trainings
  • Annual statistics on training indicators
  • Initiation and administration of internal trainings
  • Registering for internal training
  • Information board for trainings and events
  • Self-service for managers and employees
  • Register of certificates, diplomas and permits
  • Reminders of deadlines and expirations


  • Competencies and behavioral indicators
  • Creating competency profiles
  • Competency assessment administration
  • 360 or 270 or 180 degree assessments
  • Possible to add external evaluators and experts
  • Built-in competency reports, downloadable in PDF format
  • Team comparison of assessments
  • Comparison of assessments from different periods
  • A comparison of the assessment of two or more persons


  • Recruitment planning
  • Choosing suitable recruitment stages
  • Creation and publication of job advertisements
  • Candidate management (Kanban, evaluations)
  • Interview calendar and interview notes
  • Conducting and recording video interviews
  • Conducting asynchronous video interviews
  • Sending e-notifications to candidates, letter templates
  • Running statistics on recruitment performance


  • Creation and modification of work-time schedules
  • Add and edit shifts
  • Shift assignments (project, location, job position)
  • Automatic holiday information
  • Counter of planned working hours, comparison with working time standard
  • Confirmation of work schedule
  • Notifications to Employees about approval and change
  • Employee’s requests for changing the shift
  • Manager self-service (scheduling)


  • Management of working environment documents
  • Employee’s personal health card
  • Register of personal protective equipment
  • Register of occupational health and inspection documents


  • User management
  • Adding structure and entities
  • Assignment of roles
  • Register of positions
  • The Employee has access to data related to her/him
  • Electronic applications
  • Application approvals
  • Keyuser interface
  • Data transfer


  • Customer database
  • Contacts database
  • Register of performed sales & customer activities
  • Digital direct marketing
  • Administration of customer trainings
  • Creation and marketing of e-training
  • Conducting customer surveys
  • Activity statistics
  • Registers of tenders and contracts

Software for the whole Company

Employee and Manager Self-service


The Software is usually selected for a longer period to be used. Therefore it is extremely important that it meets all the expectations of the Company. Send your questions and we will contact you in order to clarify your needs and opportunities. Demo + 1-hour consultation is free for first-time clients. 

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