Traditionally, we are used to discuss and read more about the Visions at the corporate level. Creating a personal vision as a tool for self-management and motivation has been used less. Although, I’m pretty sure, most of us have this personal vision somewhere in the subconscious.

Vision is not a dream

Although parallels are often drawn between a vision and a dream, they are still different in nature. The main difference is the concreteness and attainability of the Vision. However, it is also extremely important to dream. Often great deeds start from a dream. I believe that Vision is what makes dreams real and achievable. But unlike a dream, a vision requires work and attention. If a dream gives emotion, a vision gives motivation and directions for action.

What is Personal Vision?

Personal Vision contains a “image” of who you would like to be and where you would like to be in about 10-15-20 years. The Personal Vision contains a comprehensive understanding of you as a person, including a professional desires by describing in more detail, for example, in which field you operate, in what you are strong and valued, what kind of leader or team worker you am, what is the nature of your daily work, your work profile, what results you have achieved, how and with what/by whom you have achieved the results, etc.

In addition, the Vision includes non-work aspects that are also necessary for a person as a social being. For example, areas such as living and home, i.e. household, where you live, what your summer home is like, etc., family and who belongs to it, what values are honoured in my family, children, relationships with parents, etc., social activity i.e. which people belong to my circle of friends and acquaintances, socializing in free time, non-work events, etc., cultural activities and contributions such as participation in cultural events, self-education, traveling, etc., also hobbies and sports such as health status, sporting habits, etc.

Vision can have many different components, but a vision is certainly not just a professional vision of oneself in the future.

Personal Vision is a summary of the directions in which you want to move in the long term and what are your vital principles, foundations, and focuses. To conclude, these descriptions form a vision of what kind of person you want to be, what kind of person you want to become, what kind of outcomes and results to experience.

Vision is an important part of the development and maturation of an adult.

Do I need Personal Vision?

No one else can answer that question. Sometimes the shaping or formulation of  Personal Vision is necessary at some stage of life, where we need more of a conscious approach, setting a focus for success when becoming an Entrepreneur, a change of direction in a career, or building an entirely new vision based on previous experiences.

What is certain, is that creating the Personal Vision never hurts anyone. Rather, you can find something very useful and valuable for yourself in this tool that you didn’t even expected.

It is possible that you don’t see the direct result and benefit of creating a vision right away or even tomorrow, but it will definitely affect your actions and decisions in the long term.

Personal Vision supports:

  • making important decisions
  • a source of internal motivation
  • continuity to move towards with your dreams
  • finding and maintaining balance in your life.

Research suggests that having a Personal Vision is even more important component of success and satisfaction than any other factor, including IQ, socio-economic background or level of education.

And, another nice aspect about the Vision: you can update and customise your Personal Vision at any time. Nothing is set in stone – evrything is in your own hands.

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