Ā SinuLab 2020 second newsletter is here. Enjoy!

Newsletter Topics:

  1. SinuLab new digital productsĀ 
  2. New services – HR digital audit
  3. Upcoming development projects



SinuLab Performance & People Software, which is mainly aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises, has several additions:

  • Teamwork module MyTeams
    The virtual teamwork and collaboration module MyTeams allows the Team to manage all important activities, data and communication in one place. For example, the MyTeams module includes solutions for comprehensive information exchange and news sharing on the Team timeline, individual communication (chat) and smooth sharing of files and materials in special folders system.
    Most importantly, MyTeams is an environment where a team can create and work with a common goal and add metrics to their activities. You can also jointly plan and monitor operational activities, conduct web-meetings in the same environment, or have one-on-one conversations with team members. In addition, a MEMO can be prepared quickly and conveniently for each meeting, listing important decisions and the person in charge / deadline, and share the memo easy and fast.
  • Mapping the Employee potential
    It is a handy solution for those Managers who want to better understand and get to know their team members, map their potential and strengths, and deal with Employee development more personally. The potential-mapping form helps to create the necessary overview for planning training, career activities as well as managerial coaching.
  • Video-interviews to boost recruiting
    The recruitment module has been supplemented with a video-interview solution. Video-interviews can be scheduled on the same basis as regular recruitment interviews, but the interview takes place in the SinuLab recruitment module environment. The solution allows you to plan, inform participants and communicate with candidates quickly and personally. Among other things, you can plan and conduct (video) group-interviews or invite other Employees of the Company to participate.
  • Client Relations Management module (CRM)
    The Customer Management module is suitable for use both by a company with a larger sales team and by a Entrepreneur providing services or products. In the CRM module, you can manage the necessary information about all current and potential customers and contacts, manage offers, contracts and other activities related to customer and sales work, conduct mass notifications and campaigns through a simple marketing solution. In the CRM module, in addition to the above, you can conduct surveys, provide and administrate free or paid trainings for your customers, and create e-courses.


New services


We have adapted the digital competences profile developed by the European Commission so that it can be used to map and assess the digital capabilities of managers and employees in a company. Assessment can be done both in the 280/360 degree method and in the survey format.

We also offer the services to conduct a competency assessment within the Company for a selected target group. If you have developed competence profiles or want to develop them and evaluate your Managers and Employees, SinuLab provides the solution to map and evaluate competencies in a specially developed digital environment. Competence assessment enables a competence-based approach to mapping, evaluating and developing a company’s strategic capabilities.


During the Human Resource digital audit the main areas of HR work ofĀ  the Company or organization are mapped and analyzed from four aspects:

  • Processes and operation
  • Employee experience wholeness and cyckle
  • Level of HR digitization
  • Digital capability fo HR (and organization)a


Upcoming developments:

  • interface with the Riik.ee portal
  • ID card and MobileID authentication
  • Mobile app for SinuLab and MyPlan solutions
  • Project and Change Management module
  • Updated and modern ONBOARDING solution

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