Mis on eneseturundus ja miks peaks sellega tegelema?

[:et]Eneseturundus on turundustaktikate kogum, mis toetab persoonibrändi esitlemist ja kujundamist. Eneseturundus ei ole võrdne persoonibrändi terminiga, mis on oma olemuselt palju põhjalikum, terviklikum strateegiline konstrukt. Eneseturundus on osa persoonibrändist - eesmärkide, soovitud tulemuste ja oma oskuste pakkumiseks kliendile või tööandjale.[:]

7 suggestions to be successful at home office

If you are not used to work from home over a longer period of time, here are some ideas and suggestions on how to do it best and what to keep in mind. One day at home does not significantly change your working habits, but working at home for [...]

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WHAT IS A PERFORMANCE DIARY?Traditionally, the Diary has been a type of notebook (originally handwritten) in which very personal and discreet entries are ordered by date, reflecting what happened during the day or other period. The diary gives you the opportunity to write down your thoughts, events and expectations. The [...]

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