Digital management of HR data:

The biggest challenge in today’s business environment is the management of important data, its fast and operative processing, and the use of data to make various business-critical decisions.

However, by making data management more efficient, it is possible to save both time and costs. Managers and HR can focus on value creation and business development:

  • the company’s personnel documents are in order
    incl. employment contracts and other employment-related contracts, annexes to contracts and amendments thereto
  • a good overview of the staff and the data collected
    in addition to a quick overview of existing employee data, the entire archive is also available (departed employees)
  • the implementation of the data protection law in employment is ensured
    both managers and employees have access to their data, and updating data is quick and easy
  • initiating a confirmation round and signing agreements within the portal
    automated workflow and email notifications
  • a personal Employee card for each Employee

Features & capabilities

Company Structure

The Company structure is created by inserting departments and sub-department.

Departments and sub-departments are connected, Manager is defined.

Ametikohti hallatakse ametikohtade registris. Iga ametikoha saab mƤƤratleda taseme, valdkonna ja tƶƶpere jƤrgi. The Positions are managed in the register. Each Position can be defined by level, field and work family.

Users & Accounts

The Keyuser can add new users, change passwords and data.

All added Users – Managers, Employees, Support Specialists – can access the SinuLab portal.

Each user can change their password as needed. Access and use of the entire portal is secure.

Employees & Data

Username, email, password.

Employee contact information, valid identity document information, family members, etc.

The Employee’s photo is added to the Employee’s digital card.

Work & Contracts

All necessary to add the terms of the Employment Contract, save the contract file to the Employee’s digital card. Approval workflow and digital signing within the portal.

Temporary employment, service agreement, agency agreement, management contracts, internship etc.

All agreements can be changed (amendments), the data will be stored in the contract history.

Digital Employee CARD

Shortcuts to the data and documents related to the Employee are available on the Employee card:


Request for Offer

Eesnimi, Perenimi
NB! We calculate the number of Employees per Legal Entity. This means that for Group of Companies, the number of Companies and the number of Employees by Company must be indicated.
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