It is understandable that when introducing any new tool or model, the manager has questions, sometimes even doubts. One of the main questions is almost always: “What benefit do I / we get from this?”. However, one of the main doubts is: “Does the efficiency outweigh the resource spent?”

It is necessary to find answers to these questions and many others.

To begin with, it is good to clarify what we mean by People software and HR software.

HR software has traditionally been seen as a tool for people doing HR work. Fields that handle large sets of data (usually numbers) are the most common. For example, in HR, such software is document management, time-reporting and payroll software. Very often, labor and payroll software is already part of financial software. And if the company has financial software (or accounting software) in its daily use, then often a part of personnel work is also covered by it – working time, salary, documents.

However, there are many more HR softwares. For example, recruitment software (Applicant Tracking Systems, ATS), training management software (Learning Management Systems, LMS), e-learning software and many more.

In addition, there are softwares related to employee performance, evaluation of results, feedback, goal-setting, i.e. Performance Management. These are also the contemporary HR softwares.

The important part of todays People Management software is SELF-SERVICE. This means that Employees and Managers can also access the user interface of the software application and perform actions there. Whether it’s holiday applications, training opportunities or giving feedback.

And now to the question:

HOW DOES A MANAGER BENEFIT FROM SOFTWARE designed to support People Management, Leadership and HR work?

I believe that in this regard, we can help Managers find answers based on our 8 years of experience in software development, sales and implementation.

Some keywords and descriptions below.

Take a look at the SinuLab example to see what opportunities are offered by the software aimed at Managers and Employees and supporting the areas of HR work.