Traditionally, the Diary has been a type of notebook (originally handwritten) in which very personal and discrete entries are ordered by date, reflecting what happened during the day or period. The diary gives you the opportunity to write down your thoughts, events and expectations. The diary also provides a good opportunity to analyze yourself.

That is why we have created a solution for the MyPlan Web App, where you can do it all digitally and focus on own performance, personal analysis and increase productivity in daily actions.

Keeping a comprehensive diary may not be suitable for everyone. Some like to write by hand, some like to use digital tools. But writing down your thoughts and, finding out what is the right amount of writing for you, is beneficial for everyone. We, too, have received a lot of feedback on how to use MyPlan PERFORMANCE DIARY in practice and the benefits it can bring.

 *  *  *

“I completely gave up using different apps for writing my notes, I used MS Notes and Word and a few more. Well, I can’t keep up all of them. Because I also use TaskManager everyday, it’s very convenient to do summaries and analysis in the same app.”

“I even record meeting notes there, I’ve also made notes of course content, where I have participated in. Very comfortable. By date and title, I can search and sort later.”

“I was surprised (not in a good way) of how lazy I really have been. This was hitting me hard. I believed I was efficient and productive, but there it was – all black and white – that I was not productive at all. It kind of knocks your conscience, forces you make even more effort”.

 *  *  *

To better understand if a PERFORMANCE DIARY is right for you, ponder and answer the questions below:

  • Do you analyze yourself and your performance? yes / no / sometimes
  • How do you do that?
  • Do you take notes? yes / no / sometimes
  • Are you structured in your analysis and development activities? yes / no / sometimes
  • Do you regularly analyze and evaluate your performance? yes / no / sometimes
  • Do you have a good overview of whether and how to tune your activities? yes / no / partially
  • Is it important to constantly work with your performance and productivity development? yes / no / sometimes

The goal of the PERFORMANCE DIARY is to create a habit of self-management, especially analyzing one’s actions, results and successes / failures. Analysis helps to structure future focus, set clear and goal oriented activities, discover different approaches, and enhance self-development.


For a weekly PERFORMANCE summary, we recommend the following analysis structure:

  • what was the weekly workload in hours?
  • how much of your planned tasks could you complete?
  • what was the biggest challenge of the week and why?
  • what was the biggest success of the week (what value have you created)?
  • did you focus on short term results or long term?
  • does the activities helped you achieve your goals?
  • does your activity brings you closer to your vision (you should have a personal vision, preferably in writing)?
  • what should you pay more attention to based on the week’s experience?

The same structure can be used for monthly summary or annual summary. You don’t have to write much, keywords and shorter explanations are enough, so that if you want to review your diary notes later, it’s important that you are able understand the content yourself.


  • write down important notes for you
  • add a suitable title and setting (day, week, month) to sort the notes
  • analyze and write down your performance observations, you can review them at any time
  • make periodic summaries (week, month, year)
  • evaluate your performance with a predetermined jackal
  • monitor your performance with a graphical speedometer


  • collect thoughts, ideas and notes that are important to you
  • sort notes and analyze them
  • to make sense of the foundation of one’s own performance and success
  • to conceptualize and analyze activities that need to be developed
  • review and consciously develop your performance
  • see the links between success and performance

You are most welcome to join the MyPlan Personal Performance Management Web App to:

  • consciously manage own future and work with a personal vision
  • set meaningful and high quality goals for shorter and longer term
  • find even more INSPIRATION in your goals
  • to maintain a reasonable balance between work and non-work life
  • to be productive every day and to reach your full potential
  • to consciously engage in self-development and learning
  • learn to analyze your activities and results.