7 suggestions to be successful at home office

If you are not used to work from home over a longer period of time, here are some ideas and suggestions on how to do it best and what to keep in mind. One [...]


WHAT IS A PERFORMANCE DIARY? Traditionally, the Diary has been a type of notebook (originally handwritten) in which very personal and discrete entries are ordered by date, reflecting what happened during the day or [...]

6 principles for Managers toward engagement and performance

  There is probably no Manager who is not struggling with the improvement of Employees performance and productivity. This is a crucial issue and relevant daily topic. But how successful do you feel about it as [...]

Kiirpilk tulemusjuhtimisele

Artikkel ilmus vƤljaandes Personali Praktik nr 53, 2016 mƤrts Tulemusjuhtimine ehk Performance Management osutus murranguliseks juhtimisteooriaks 1950. aastatel, kui esmakordselt tutvustati eesmƤrgipƤrase juhtimise kontseptsiooni. Ā TƤnapƤeval on tulemusjuhtimine laialt kasutatav juhtimispraktika. KƵige lihtsamalt ƶeldes on tulemusjuhtimise [...]

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